Goals & Objectives

As Gür Natural Spring Water, we aim to contribute to our employees, our customers in a process that renews itself in health, education, cultural and economic sense.

Our aim is to continue production without compromising our quality and reliability values in our facility which we built with equity capital at Elmadag Summit
Our goal is to explain the importance of water consumption for a healthy society.

Our Core Values


    Water is health. Gür Natural Resource Water stands for “Healing” with its slogan.


    We have equipped our factory with the latest technology. We assure or product quality with a continuous control system


    We are constantly working on how to improve ourselves, how to better improve our products and services.


At the Elmadag summit, our water factory, which is settled away from pollution, has a very large land and a state-of-the-art building. Our water bottles are bottled untouched and are constantly analyzed in accordance with the laws in our laboratory.

Facility is capable of producing 19 Lt bottles, 1,5 and 0,5 L pet bottles and 200 cc pet glasses of water products.